Pune News | Slaughterhouse in Kondhwa will have to be shut down due to revenue deficit: Pune Cantonment Board (PCB)

Pune : Pune News | The Pune Cantonment Board earns very little revenue through the slaughterhouse in Kondhwa. However, its maintenance cost runs into crores of rupees. This has made it impossible for the board to run the facility.


The butchery will have to be closed in the near future, said PCB CEO Subrat Pal. The board had decided to shut it down. Some traders had agitated against the decision on July 10.


MLA Sunil Kamble had met the CEO and demanded 10 days’ concession for them. So, they are currently getting the concession.


The Kondhwa-based abattoir dates back to the British era. The PCB administration announced that the facility would be closed due to financial reasons. Members of the All India Jamiatul Quresh Action Committee also protested against the decision.


Pal said that the annual maintenance of the slaughterhouse is up to Rs 1.25 crore, which is borne by the PCB administration. However, the traders who have got spaces on rent pay merely Rs 5 lakh rent to the board. They are charged only Rs 16 to slaughter a goat.


However, the municipal slaughterhouse charges Rs 250 for the same. It is clear that the PCB earns very little revenue through the facility. It is suffering financial losses. Therefore, the butchery will have to be shut down, said the PCB administration.


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