Pune News | Pune: Less than half of storage in Ujani dam compared to last year

Pune : NpNews24 Online  – Pune News | Compared to last year, the catchment areas of the Khadakwasla reservoir system have received only 70 per cent rainfall. Last year, 9,266 mm rain was recorded during the monsoon and this year, only 6,374 mm rain has been recorded. (Pune News)


Due to low rainfall, very little water has been released from the dam into the Mutha river. Hence, the storage in the Ujani dam is less than 50 per cent. Water is supplied to Pune from Khadakwasla, Panshet, Varasgaon and Temghar dams.



The rainfall in the dams located in Neera and Mutha basins is less compared to last year. Due to low rainfall in dams in the Bhima basin, water could not be released further. Hence, the water storage in Ujani dam is less compared to last year. Till today, the storage in the Ujani dam is 19.34 TMC i.e. 36.09 per cent.


There has been inadequate rainfall in the ghat areas of the dams in Bhima and Nira basins and hence, the dams were not filled. If more water is released from the sluice gates of the dam, it can increase the storage in Ujani dam. The Water Resources Department has expressed hope that the water needs of Solapur district can be fulfilled.

Rain in catchment areas of dam (June to September) (mm)
Rain in dams in 2022 Rain in dams in 2023 Difference

Temghar 3,427 2,563 864
Varasgaon 2,534 1,631 903
Panshet 2,535 1,615 920
Khadakwasla 770 565 205
Total (Mutha basin) 9,266 6,374 2,892
Nira basin 19,587 14, 811 4,776
Krishna basin 37, 454 30, 878 6,576

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