Pune: Hostel Owner Apprehended by Khadak Police for Abetting Young Girl to Suicide

Pune: Khadak police have successfully unravelled a mystery surrounding the suicide of a girl who was preparing for a competitive exam and finally detained the hostel owner for abetting her to commit suicide.

A few days ago, a girl named Abhilasha Mittal committed suicide in her hostel room in Guruwar Peth. The suspicion was raised in this regard as some marks of beating were found on Abhilasha’s body. Finally, Khadak police solved the case and arrested the hostel owner, Sunil Parameshwar Mahanor.

Abhilasha was originally from Washim district. She had come to Pune last month to prepare for the civil service examination. She was living in a girls’ hostel in the Guruwar Peth area of Pune.

On April 7, Abhilasha ended her life by hanging herself in her room. The preliminary investigation revealed that there were marks of beating on Abhilasha’s body. So the police were investigating whether it was murder or suicide.

In this regard, Abhilasha’s father, Mahendra Mittal, filed a police complaint against the hostel owner, Sunil Mahanor. Mahendra Mittal alleged that Mahanor was demanding a deposit amount from Abhilasha and was abusing and assaulting her due to a delay in paying the deposit amount. Abhilasha also told his father about her decision to change the hostel and shift somewhere else.

Fed up with this continuous abuse and harassment, Abhilasha locked the door of his room from inside and committed suicide by hanging herself on April 7 in the evening. Accordingly, Khadak police apprehended the hostel owner for abetting her for suicide

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