Pune: India’s Sports Sector Got ‘Achhe Din’ Under Prime Minister Modi’s Leadership – Murlidhar Mohol

Pune: “As a testament to India’s growing prowess on the international stage, the nation has witnessed an unprecedented surge in sporting achievements, culminating in its most successful performance in four decades. With an impressive tally of 7 medals in the Tokyo Olympics, 19 in the Paralympics, 107 in the Asian Games, and a staggering 61, including 22 gold medals, in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, India has firmly stamped its mark in the global sporting arena.”

“This triumphant narrative finds resonance in the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose relentless commitment to fostering a culture of sports excellence has been hailed as the catalyst behind this remarkable transformation.” Murlidhar Mohol, the candidate of the BJP grand alliance in the Pune Lok Sabha constituency, lauded the Prime Minister’s instrumental role in revolutionising the sports sector through the letter.

Mohol said, “There was never a dearth of good sportspersons in the country, but their quality was never reflected in international-level sports events. Under Prime Minister Modi’s stewardship, the paradigm shift in India’s sporting landscape has been marked by proactive engagement with senior athletes, a move that instilled a sense of personal connection and motivation.” Mohol emphasised the significance of these interactions, noting that they paved the way for crucial interventions, including the provision of requisite infrastructure and manpower and a heightened emphasis on sports science.

Mohol further said, “Central to this transformative agenda has been the flagship initiative, ‘Khelo India,’ a school-level sports tournament aimed at nurturing latent talent and fostering a nationwide sporting ethos. With substantial allocations amounting to thousands of crores annually, coupled with the approval of over 9,000 Khelo India centres and numerous sports infrastructure projects, the government’s commitment to nurturing future champions remains unwavering.”

Mohol said that looking ahead, India’s aspirations soar higher, with ambitious targets set under the ‘Target Olympic Podium’ scheme, envisioning a top-ten finish at the 2028 Olympics. Moreover, the announcement of India’s readiness to host the Olympics in 2036 underscores the nation’s unwavering resolve to carve its niche as a global sporting powerhouse.

Mohol highlighted the initiatives undertaken by the BJP after assuming power in the Pune Municipal Corporation, notably the approval of a comprehensive sports policy. This policy encompasses various components such as sports nursery establishments, training programmes, the development of sports facilities, the implementation of a scholarship scheme, the provision of prizes and honours, financial aid, job opportunities, accident insurance, and support for competitions. These measures aim at fostering a vibrant sports culture within the city.

He further emphasised his personal involvement in providing scholarships to 255 recipients of the Chhatrapati Award, each receiving Rs 50,000. Notably, the state government has raised this financial support from Rs 50,000 to 3 lakhs per individual, aligning with the ambition of hosting the 2036 Olympics. We will strive to produce international-quality athletes by providing sports infrastructure and manpower in the city. Lastly, Mohol promised people to strive to produce international-quality athletes by providing them with quality sports infrastructure and manpower in the city after getting elected.

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