Maharashtra | Thackeray Government announces to reopen schools where corona infection is zero

Mumbai : The process of unlocking has started as soon as the corona infection decreases in Maharashtra. Work has started on reopening the schools (Maharashtra) which were closed during the Corona period. Now the Thackeray government announces to reopen schools for 8th to 12th class in corona-free areas. The Thackeray government has issued a resolution (Government Resolution- GR) for this decision taken by the government in this regard.

This big decision has been taken by the School Education Department of Maharashtra. Under this decision, classes should be started from 8th to 12th in the schools of villages under the control of Gram Panchayats of Corona free areas. But the right to take decisions related to this has been given to the Gram Panchayats. That is, given the situations, they will be able to make decisions.

For this, the Gram Panchayats have been instructed to talk to the parents before starting the school, all the students should not be called together, but in a phased manner. That is, systems like swapping on weekdays or morning or afternoon shifts should be adopted. With this social distancing must be followed.

One student on one bench, 6 feet gap between two benches
However, Corona rules will have to be ensured in schools. It is necessary to strictly follow the rules which have been issued by the government. Arrangement should be made to seat only one student on a bench. It is necessary to keep a gap of 6 feet between two benches. There should be a maximum number of 15 to 20 students in a room. It is important to follow the rules of frequent hand washing with soap, use of masks, sending the student home if any symptoms are seen, testing of corona immediately.

Important Instructions and Manuals
According to the instructions given by the government, if possible, arrangements should be made for the teachers of the respective schools to stay near the school. Along with this, it is also necessary to stop them from commuting by public vehicle. It is important to take care of cleanliness and health in the school premises. The availability of things like sanitizers, soaps should be ensured in schools.

It has been directed that if a school is being run as a quarantine center, then it should be transferred elsewhere. But before reopening schools for students, sanitization of the school premises should be done. If it is not possible to take the Quarantine Center elsewhere, then classes should be held in open places or elsewhere. It is also necessary to do Covid testing of teachers. Their RT-PCR or rapid antigen test should be done immediately.

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