Maharashtra News : 70-year-old woman gets her eyesight back after vaccination!

Mumbai :  (Maharashtra News )A shocking news has come out from Washim, Maharashtra. 9 years ago, a woman had lost her eyesight. When she took the vaccine, she got her eyesight back. A 70-year-old woman has claimed this.

This happy accident happened with an elderly woman living in Bandarwadi, Risod area of Washim. 70-year-old Mathurai Bidwai could not see for the last 9 years. Ten years ago she had a cataract in her eye. Due to this, the pupils of her eyes turned white. Gradually she lost sight of both the eyes. Mathurabai’s native village is in Partur of Jalna district.

Due to not having a husband, her relatives brought her to Risode. Meanwhile, on June 26, this woman went to the vaccination center started by the Samta Foundation located nearby and took the first dose of Covishield. After this, suddenly this woman got both eyes. It is obvious that people were very surprised after this incident.

Mathurabai says that on the second day of taking the vaccine, she got 30 to 40 percent sight in one eye. Earlier Mathurabai was not ready to take the vaccine. Due to the insistence of relatives, she took the vaccine and then this miracle happened as soon as took the vaccine.

Doctors have denied any such possibility after vaccination. Experts say that it is too early to say anything at the moment. Only after its in-depth study, it can be said with certainty whether the vaccine has any effect in increasing eyesight or not.

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