How many days antibodies remain in the body after corona infection, revealed in a research

New Delhi : Corona infection is increasing rapidly in the country. Corona’s growing figures are frightening. In this battle of Corona, Vaccine is being considered as a big weapon. Meanwhile, scientists in Italy have given a big information about the antibodies that are made in the body after corona infection. According to scientists, after recovering from corona, antibodies against the corona remain in the patient’s blood for up to eight months.

Researchers who are constantly monitoring the corona patients say that the risk of the virus is eliminated until antibodies against the corona remain in the body. According to doctors at the San Rafael Hospital in Milan, the antibodies produced in the corona patients are present in the blood despite the age of the patient and the disease. In such a situation, the risk of the patient getting sick from any virus is greatly reduced.

Researchers working with Italy’s ISS National Health Institute selected 162 patients with coronavirus symptoms who got infection during the corona wave last year for this study. Their blood samples were first taken in March and April. After this, the blood samples of the patients who have won the battle of Corona were taken again in November. In a statement shared with ISS, the researchers said that after being found corona positive, these patients were found to have disease-fighting antibodies in their bodies.

This study of researchers has been published in ‘Nature Communications Scientific Journal’. Research has found that antibodies in some patients persisted for more days. In the study, researchers have also emphasized the importance of the development of antibodies after the recovery from coronavirus.

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