Pune: Undri Man Abducted Over Unresolved Financial Dispute; Kondhwa Police Rescued Him Successfully From Malshiras

Pune: In Pune’s Undri area, a 32-year-old young man was kidnapped by a group of four people out of a financial dispute. In this regard, Kondhwa police rescued the abducted man from Malshiras and apprehended all the accused.

In this regard, the plaintiff, Madhuri Ghanshyam More, had earlier registered a complaint at Kondhwa police station.

As per the information, the plaintiff’s husband, Amit Appaso Chavan, had taken a loan from Vasudha Tukaram Jagtap, and there had been a dispute between them over that financial settlement. On February 10, at around 8.30 p.m., the plaintiff, Madhuri Ghanshyam More, and her husband, Amit Appaso Chavan, were watching TV in their house. At that time, few people came to their house, and they called Amit outside the house.

When the plaintiff’s husband went outside, the people forcibly put the plaintiff’s husband into the car and absconded from there with Chavan. Seeing that, the plaintiff immediately informed the Kondhwa police station control room about it.

Taking immediate note of the incident, the police started an active investigation into the case. Upon further investigation, police learned that Chavan was confined to a room in Latur. Unfortunately, until the police reached the location, the accused moved Chavan to the Malshiras.

Bravely, police went to the Malshiras, rescued Chavan, and apprehended the accused. This action was taken under the guidance of senior police inspector Santosh Sonawane and police inspector Mansingh Patil by the team of assistant police inspector Dinesh Patil, police constable Satish Chavan, Sujit Madan, and Laxman Holkar.

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