Pune: Thumping Victories of Sai Power Hitters, Shivamudra Blasters, and Other Teams Shine Day 3 of Friendship Cup Cricket Championship

Pune: In an exhilarating display of cricketing prowess, Sai Power Hitters, Shivamudra Blasters, Mandai Masters, Guruji Talim Titans, and Mahalakshmi Mavericks emerged triumphant in their respective matches on day 3 of the ‘Friendship Cup’ cricket championship, organised by the Punit Balan Group. The tournament, featuring teams representing Pune’s diverse Ganapati Mandal, Navratri Mandal, Dhol-Tasha teams, and media professionals, witnessed thrilling encounters at the grounds of L. R. Shinde High School in Sahakarnagar on Thursday, February 29.

Sai Power Hitters clinched victory against Garud Strikers in a closely contested match, with Prathamesh Gowalkar’s stellar performance guiding them to a 3-wicket win. Chasing a target of 66 runs set by Garuda Strikers, Sai Power Hitters achieved the target in 7 overs, losing only 3 wickets in the process.

In another riveting encounter, Rupak Tubaji’s fastest half-century propelled the Shivamudra Blasters to a commanding 62-run victory over Media Writers. Tubaji’s blistering knock ensured a dominant display by the Shivamudra Blasters, firmly establishing their dominance in the tournament.

Sai Power Hitters continued their winning streak with a resounding 7-wicket victory over the Shivamudra Blasters, courtesy of Nikhil Watane’s formidable bowling performance. Watane’s remarkable spell, claiming 3 wickets for a mere 8 runs, proved instrumental in securing victory for the Sai Power Hitters.

Mahalakshmi Mavericks displayed a clinical performance to secure a convincing 9-wicket win over Guruji Talim Titans, with Vivek Jambhulkar leading the charge. Meanwhile, the Guruji Talim Titans showcased their prowess in an earlier match, with Sushant Mate’s commanding 52-run innings propelling them to a 55-run victory over the Yuva Yoddhas.

In yet another gripping contest, Mandai Masters emerged victorious against Yuva Yoddha, triumphing by 8 wickets courtesy of Onkar Joshi’s stellar performance. The match witnessed a masterful display by Joshi, guiding Mandai Masters to a comprehensive victory.

Brief Results of Matches on Day 3:

  1. Garuda Strikers vs. Sai Power Hitters:

Garuda Strikers: 66 for 2 in 8 overs (Vishal Gulme 36, Yogesh Kunjir 23 not out, Prathamesh Gowalkar 1-5)
Sai Power Hitters: 67 runs for 3 wickets in 7 overs (Humed Khan 18 not out, Nagesh Avghade 14, Akash Indulkar 13, Yogesh Kunjir 2-12).

Man of the Match: Prathamesh Gowalkar

  1. Shivamudra Blasters vs. Media Writers:

Shivamudra Blasters: 110 for 1 in 8 overs (Rupak Tubaji 56 not out (18, 6 fours, 3 sixes), Rohit Khilare 29, Aditya Ashtaputre 22, Gopal Gurav 1-16)

Media Writers: 48 for 8 in 8 overs (Shailesh Kale 12, Ali Shaikh 16, Hrishikesh Mokashi 4-6).

Man of the Match: Rupak Tubaji

  1. Yuva Yoddhas vs. Mandai Masters:

Yuva Yoddhas: 68 for 3 in 8 overs (Vinayak Shedge 37, Shubham Bhosale 1-10)

Mandai Masters: 74 for 2 in 7.3 overs (Omkar Joshi 48 not out (22, 4 fours, 2 sixes), Rishikesh Jagdale 15, Atharva Lambat 1-11)

Man of the Match: Omkar Joshi

  1. Guruji Talim Titans vs. Mahalakshmi Mavericks:

Guruji Talim Titans: 55 for 7 in 8 overs (Sushant Mate 27, Sushil Phale 10 not out, Rahul Sakhre 2-13, Aditya Pathak 2-4).

Mahalakshmi Mavericks: 57 for 1 in 4.2 overs (Rahul Bhikale not out 25, Vivek Jambhulkar not out 24, Sushil Phale 1-26)

Man of the Match: Vivek Jambhulkar

  1. Shivamudra Blasters vs. Sai Power Hitters:

Shivamudra Blasters: 61 for 6 in 8 overs (Rupak Tubaji 20, Rohit Khilare 11, Nikhil Watane 3-8)

Sai Power Hitters: 62 for 3 in 7.3 overs (Sanjay Kalokhe 31 not out, Ketan Rampure 26 not out, Hrishikesh Mokashi 2-12).

Man of the match: Nikhil Watane

  1. Guruji Talim Titans vs. . Yuva Yoddhas:

Guruji Talim Titans: 108 for 2 in 8 overs (Sushant Mate 52 (28, 3 fours, 4 sixes), Bhavesh Rachha 25 not out, Atharva Lambat 1-23)

Yuva Yoddhas: 53 for 6 in 8 overs (Sagar Jagtap 23, Sushil Phale 2-2, Mayur Pardeshi 2-0).

Man of the Match: Sushant Mate

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