Pune: Prakash Ambedkar indicates beginning of a new politics in Maharashtra

Pune: Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA) President Prakash Ambedkar has said that new politics will begin in Maharashtra soon. The VBA has decided to go solo after their seat-sharing talks failed with the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA).

Former MNS leader Vasant More on Friday met Ambedkar. More wants to contest the Lok Sabha poll. Later, both the leaders addressed the media.

Ambedkar said, “I had a discussion with Tatya (More). Another important round will follow. We will announce our plan after March 31. Who will be a part of this new politics in the State will be known officially on March 31 or April 1. Everything will be revealed then. I can’t say much now.

“A lot is happening behind the scenes. Discussions are on at the social level. Equations will be clear in a couple of days. You will come to know. Today’s discussions are a part of those equations. I won’t comment on what is happening at the rural and urban levels. We discussed Vasant More. He wants to contest the poll. You will come to know in 4-5 days.”

Meanwhile, Vasant More said, “I am contesting the Pune Lok Sabha poll 100 per cent. I met VBA leader Prakash Ambedkar. We had positive talks. The next course of action will be known in 2-3 days. The next Pune MP will emerge from these discussions.”

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