China Panic After OPPO & APPLE’s Changed Attitude, Said – ‘India Cannot be Our Option’


New Delhi : China has been badly shocked after statements by some companies based in China. In fact, after the supply chain was affected in the coronavirus epidemic, about 1000 companies from China want to wind up their business and shift to India. Recently, a German shoe company has said to shift its manufacturing unit from China to Agra. At the same time, Oppo and Apple companies have also given such signs. After which China has gone mad.

China has expressed in Global Times. An article by Global Times states that India’s economy has been affected by the lockdown. Despite this, it dreams of becoming an alternative to China. But, India will never be an alternative to China. The article states, ‘The state of Uttar Pradesh in India has formed an economic task force to attract companies looking to shift their units from China. However, this thinking of India is wrong. India will not be able to be substitute of China in the world.’

On the other hand, tensions are increasing in many areas near North Sikkim and Ladakh along the non-marked border between India and China and both sides are deploying additional forces there. The two sides have had violent clashes in these areas twice a few days ago. Official sources said on Tuesday that both India and China have deployed additional troops to sensitive areas near Demchak, Daulat Beg Oldi, Galwan River and Pangang So Lake in Ladakh. According to the information, China has built a large number of tents in the Galwan Valley area, after which India is keeping a close watch there.

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