Actor-politician Prashant Bajaj gives it all to his fitness training for upcoming film ‘Journey’, collapses in between workout session


Mumbai: Talented actor and political personality Prashant Bajaj is known for pushing himself beyond regular limits to achieve excellence. Be it with his on-screen mavericks as an actor for his acting stints or for his stupendous work as a political personality and philanthropist who wants the welfare of people, Prashant truly sweats it out and gives his all to everything that he undertakes. He is currently prepping hard for his upcoming movie ‘Journey’ which is set to show him in a different avatar altogether. The movie preparation requires him to do intense preparation when it comes to his workout regime. However, an unfortunate incident happened with the actor the previous day when he was working out.

While working out and training in the gym for his physical transformation in the movie, the actor unfortunately fell down and collapsed after fainting. A video is going viral on the internet that shows Prashant fainting while working out as he felt the heat. Fortunately, his gym mates around him were quickly to his rescue as they helped him regain consciousness by sprinkling water on his face. However, his BP fell low due to which he had to be taken to hospital for an urgent and immediate health examination.

As per the latest buzz, the actor is now better. When we reached out to him for a statement regarding his health update, the actor said and we quote,

“Yes I fainted while working out. The last few days have been quite hectic and exhausting to the body as there’s been some hardcore training and hard work for the preparation of my next project ‘Journey’. I don’t set limits as an actor. However, I didn’t anticipate that this would lead to the extent of me fainting. My doctors are taking care of me and have advised me to rest for a couple of days completely before I resume work. So I will be obedient and listen to their expert advice. As actors, such things are common with us. However, my motivation to work hard is still at its best and I hope all of this sacrifice bears positive results when my movie comes out in cinemas for you all. Stay tuned.”

Well, kudos to the actor for actually forgetting every bit of distraction around him to focus just on his goal. Here’s wishing him super speedy recovery and may he be back in action soonest like Superman. Stay tuned for more updates.

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