Ruby Hall Kidney Racket | High-Level Inquiry Committee Formed to Investigate Illegal “Kidney Racket” at Ruby Hall Hospital

Pune : Ruby Hall Kidney Racket | The state government has taken a significant step in addressing the kidney transplant racket at Ruby Hall Hospital by appointing a high-level inquiry committee. The committee, chaired by retired Judge Chandrakant Bhadang, aims to investigate the illegal kidney transplant that occurred at the hospital on March 24, 2022.


The committee comprises esteemed members, including the Director of Health Services, Additional Commissioner of Police Pune, legal advisers, transplant specialists, and urologists from renowned institutions. Their collective expertise will enable a thorough examination of the allegations and the identification of any irregularities in the case. The committee will meticulously review the documents related to the transplant and conduct an unbiased investigation.


The primary objective of the inquiry committee is to establish the extent of the hospital’s involvement in the illegal kidney transplant. The committee will also analyze the authenticity of the documents submitted to the Transplantation Committee for the approval of the procedure. By conducting a comprehensive inquiry, the committee aims to provide an objective report that sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the incident.


Furthermore, the committee will propose preventive measures to safeguard against similar incidents in the future. It is crucial to ensure that stringent protocols are in place to prevent the exploitation of vulnerable individuals and uphold the integrity of organ transplantation procedures. The recommendations put forth by the committee will play a vital role in strengthening the regulatory framework and enhancing transparency within the healthcare system.


The state government issued an order in this regard on Tuesday. The member secretary of the inquiry committee is Director of Health Services, Additional Commissioner of Police Pune Arvind Chawria, Assistant Director of Health Services, Legal Adviser of Health Services Commissionerate Bhagyashree Rangari, Former Director of Medical Education and Research Dr. Praveen Shingare, Transplant Specialist at Criticare Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Vatsala Trivedi, urologist at Bombay Hospital. Dr. Srirang Bachu, transplant specialist at Global Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Bharat Shah, urologist from Pune, Dr Arun Tirlapur is a member.


What exactly is the case?

Patient Amit Salunkhe got a kidney transplant at Ruby Hall by luring a woman, Sarika Sutar, with Rs 15 lakh. The kidney transplant was allowed by the Transplantation Committee on the basis of fake documents given by Salunkhe. After Sarika Sutar did not receive the full amount, she later complained to the police that she had been cheated. The matter came to light after this complaint.


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