Pune: ‘Shrimant Bhausaheb Rangari Ganpati Trust’ Gears Up for Grand Ganesh Jayanti Celebrations

Pune : Pune’s cultural landscape is set to come alive with vibrant festivities as the historic ‘Shrimant Bhausaheb Rangari Ganpati Trust’ prepares to celebrate Ganesh Jayanti on Tuesday, the 13th. Marking a significant milestone as United India’s first public Ganesha mandal, the trust has organised an array of religious programmes to celebrate the auspicious occasion on Tuesday.
Punit Balan, trustee of the trust and head of the festival, has extended an earnest appeal to all Ganesh devotees to partake in the celebrations in large numbers. These festivities will be held on the premises of the revered ‘Shrimant Bhausaheb Rangari Ganapati’ temple.
Commencing the day’s events with fervour, a Bhajan programme is slated to unfold on Tuesday morning from 8 to 9 a.m. This will be followed by the Ganesh Yaga, a sacred ritual scheduled from 9 a.m. to noon. The pinnacle of the day’s proceedings will witness the divine Mahaarti of Ganpati Bappa, conducted by Lieutenant General D. B. Shekatkar, at noon.
As the day progresses, devotees will be treated to the Bhajan programme from 12.30 pm to 2 pm. The spiritual ambiance will be further enhanced with the Atharvashirsha Pathan program, orchestrated by B V I Pune, from 4 to 5.30 p.m., drawing a large gathering of devout women attendees.
The highlight of the evening will be the ceremonial Sri’s (Ganpati’s) palanquin procession, scheduled from 6 to 7.45 p.m. The programme will culminate with the resplendent Maha aarti, graced by the presence of Maheshgiri Bapu Maharaj, the head of Girnar Shaktipeeth, at 8 p.m.
Punit Balan announced the Bhajan Sandhya program, to be conducted by Shankar Maharaj Bhajani Mandal, from 9 to 11 pm, promising a captivating culmination to the day’s festivities.
Reflecting on the significance of ‘Shrimant Bhausaheb Rangari Ganpati’ as a revered place of worship for millions of devotees in Pune, Punit Balan reiterated the importance of preserving traditions and fostering community spirit. “As with every year, our trust is proud to organise a plethora of religious programmes throughout the day in honour of Ganesh Jayanti. We urge devotees to join us in large numbers to partake in these auspicious celebrations,” expressed Punit Balan.

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