Pune Labour Department | Labour Department directed construction professionals & contractors to provide safety equipment to construction workers

Pune: Pune Labour Department | The Labour Department keeping in mind about the ongoing monsoon in the state has directed the construction professionals and contractors to provide safety tools and equipment to the construction workers in order to avoid accidents at the construction site. The department also appealed that the unregistered construction workers should be registered with the Maharashtra Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board.


Construction professionals, contractors and employers should also register themselves as employers online at https://lms.mahaonline.gov.in.


Shailendra Pol, additional labour commissioner, Pune division said, “The construction professionals and contractors should ensure that no accident occurs by providing all the safety tools and equipment to the construction workers. Due to the possibility of soil and protective walls being worn out during these days, it should be ensured that the place where the construction workers live should not be affected, or arrangements should be made to keep the construction workers in a safe place. For the health of the construction workers, all facilities should be provided at their place of residence.”


Pol further added, ” The Construction professionals, contractors, and employers should cooperate in registering the undocumented construction workers working at all construction sites with the Maharashtra Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board and providing them with the benefits of schemes such as safety kit, essential kit, medical check-up and mid-day meal paid by the board. Also if there is negligence in the health and safety of construction workers or if there is a fatal accident, the concerned construction professionals, contractors and employers will be held responsible.”


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