Pune: EC to probe Ajit Pawar’s statements for poll code violation

Pune: The State Election Commission (SEC) has ordered a probe into NCP (AP) President Ajit Pawar’s statements made at a meeting in Indapur in the district.

While addressing a meeting of traders, he said that he would provide funds to their area if they press the button on EVM in front of the clock symbol. Pawar made the statement while campaigning for Maha Yuti candidate Sunetra Pawar. Taking cognisance of his statements, the SEC has ordered an investigation into them.

A complaint has been lodged with the Election Commission against the statements. The SEC has ordered a probe on the basis of the complaint.

Meanwhile, clarifying his statements, Ajit Pawar said that I spoke in Indapur. It was a dialect. Had I spoken in Pune, I would not have uttered those words. One has to speak in a language that people understand. It is the SEC’s right to investigate. I will abide by Maha Yuti’s decision.

“I will address the joint meetings of the Maha Yuti in Indapur. There is a huge backlog. The BJP is a party with discipline. The NCP and the Congress are going smoothly.

“If you criticize the people from whom you are seeking funds, they would not give the money. They performed the ground-breaking as well as inauguration. A leader should be like this. Otherwise, there are leaders, who launch a project ahead of an election and come again by the next election to launch the project. Modi has got the women’s reservation bill passed in Parliament. The opposition is spreading lies that he would change the Constitution.”

The objectionable statement…

In the Indapur meeting, Ajit Pawar said that the traders would benefit from his party’s work. However, once they get the benefit, they should not forget who has helped them. We will pour funds for development. You should also reciprocate by pressing the button in front of our symbol in the election. But if you don’t, then I will hesitate to give funds.”

Pawar used an objectionable word in Marathi while explaining how the traders should press the button. Moreover, he promised funds in return for votes.

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