Pune Cyber Crime | Pune: Ad appears on Google about sale of domain of Balbharati; Education Department goes into a frenzy

PUNE : Pune Cyber Crime | An advertisement appeared on Google about the sale of domain of Balbharati (Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research) which is a part of state government’s Education Department and the Education Department received a rude jolt. Balbharati immediately asked some officials to find out how this had happened.


Education Commissioner of the state Suraj Mandhre said that Balbharati had registered a complaint. Only after a report is received, it will be clear what exactly happened, said Balbharati officials.


An advertisement was published on Google which stated that the domain of ‘balbharati.in’ website was available for sale for $2,000.


The textbooks published by Balbharati are available on ‘ebalbharti.in’ website. Crores of students, lakhs of parents and teachers visit the website and textbooks can be downloaded for free from the website in the PDF format.


‘balbharati.in’ is the official domain of Balbharati and it was taken in 2005-2006. The renewal of this website for next five years has been done in 2023 but someone has done some mischief about the domain.


Krishnakumar Patil, the Director of Balbharati, said, “The technical report has been taken and a legal action is being taken. Initially, an online complaint is being registered. At present, the process of finding out what has happened is going on and information is being collected. Legal action will be taken on the issue.”


State Education Commissioner Suraj Mandhre said, “An advertisement about the sale of the official domain of Balbharati is seen on Google and this is a case of cheating. Balbharati is taking action on the issue. A complaint as per the law will be made soon and the process has started.”


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