Pune Crime News | Quick Response by Uttamnagar Police Thwarts NDA Bomb Blast Scare

Pune : Pune Crime News | In a swift and efficient operation, the police managed to apprehend the individual responsible for making a false bomb threat aimed at the prestigious National Defense Agency (NDA). The suspect, identified as Amol Mahadev Wagh (33, resident of Indira Vasahat, Uttamnagar), was detained by the police in connection with the incident.


The incident unfolded on Thursday evening when Amol made a call to the police helpline at 5.30 pm, claiming that six individuals were planning to detonate bombs at multiple locations in Pune and Ahmednagar. He stated that these individuals possessed dangerous weapons, including machine guns and RDX explosives, and had intentions to target the NDA.


Uttamnagar police immediately sprang into action upon receiving the information. Lt. Col. Thapa, Col. Pandey, and Major Thombare at the NDA were promptly alerted and took necessary precautions. Simultaneously, the police traced the location of the caller and managed to apprehend Amol within an hour.


During further interrogation, it was revealed that Amol had personal grievances, as he had not received his due share from a land sale involving his father and father-in-law. His resentment and mental distress led him to make the hoax call while under the influence of alcohol, intending to harass them.


The recent arrest of two terrorists in Kothrud had heightened security concerns, and the false bomb threat added to the urgency of the situation. However, the diligent efforts of the Uttamnagar police, led by Police Inspector Kiran Balwadkar and his team, ensured that the matter was resolved promptly.


Authorities are emphasizing the seriousness of making such false threats, as it not only diverts crucial resources and manpower but also instills fear and disrupts the peace in society. Legal action will be taken against those who attempt to spread panic through such deceitful acts.


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