Pune: BJP Leader Ashish Shelar Meets Sanjay Kakade, Attempts to Address His Grievances

Pune: Pune Lok Sabha constituency is one of the few important constituencies in the state where a fierce fight is expected to be seen. In Pune, though three main candidates have entered the fray for the Pune Lok Sabha elections, all the people are excited about the fight between the Congress’ Ravindra Dhangekar and the BJP’s Murlidhar Mohol.

Meanwhile, after losing the Kasba bypoll election to Ravindra Dhangekar, the Pune Lok Sabha seat has become a matter of prestige for the BJP, and for that, all the local and state leaders have started campaigning in Pune. However, the senior leader of the BJP in Pune, Sanjay Kakade, has been aloof from this campaign so far.

Therefore, there were discussions regarding Kakade’s demurral to Mohol’s candidature. Amidst all this, it is reported that last night, BJP leader Ashish Shelar met Kakade and persuaded him.

As per the media reports, BJP leader Ashish Shelar came to Pune yesterday. On this occasion, he met disgruntled BJP leader Sanjay Kakade. During the meeting, Shelar is understood to have requested that Kakade participate in the campaign. Kakade has also told Shelar that he will participate in Muralidhar Mohol’s campaign soon.

Earlier, Sanjay Kakade also wanted a Pune Lok Sabha ticket from the BJP, but he did not get it. After that, a few days ago, he made a statement that he wanted to leave politics, looking at the situation of current politics.

Furthermore, Kakade also appealed to the Pawar family to reunite after the elections. He said, “I feel bad about the split in the Pawar family, as I have very good relations with the Pawar family.” However, at this time, he did not forget to mention that the BJP is not behind this split.

However, to resolve all his displeasure, it is said that Ashish Shelar visited Kakade’s residence yesterday and assured him that he would address his grievances.

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