Pune: Assault at Petrol Pump Misidentified as Robbery, Three Arrested

Pune: A recent incident initially perceived as a robbery at a petrol pump near the municipality within Shivajinagar police station limits has been clarified through an investigation by the authorities. Contrary to initial reports, it has been determined that the incident involved the assault of the petrol pump owner, not a robbery, arising from a dispute over petrol filling. The Shivajinagar police, acting promptly, apprehended three suspects within four hours of the incident, shedding light on the true nature of the altercation.

The accused have been identified as Surjitsingh Yuvrajsingh Juni (24 years old) and Jaisingh Jalsingh Juni (19 years old), residents of Patil Estate, Pune, along with a 17-year-old minor who has been detained. The complaint, filed by Navnath Kacharu Kale (26 years old), an employee at the petrol pump, highlights the assault inflicted upon Sachin Anil Shah, the proprietor of the petrol pump, resulting in injuries.

Upon receiving the report of a purported robbery at the petrol pump, Shivajinagar police swiftly mobilised, deploying resources to investigate the matter. Utilising technical analysis and leveraging information, Police Officer Adesh Chalawadi spearheaded the operation, leading to the identification and subsequent apprehension of the suspects. Through meticulous interrogation, it was revealed that the incident stemmed from a disagreement over petrol filling, rather than a premeditated robbery.

The seized weapon used in the assault and the associated motorcycle have been confiscated as evidence. Further investigation into the matter is being conducted under the supervision of Police Sub-Inspector Tejaswi Patil.

This action was taken by the team of Senior Police Inspector Chandrashekhar Sawant, Assistant Police Inspector Bajirao Naik, Assistant Police Inspector Savita Sapkale, Police Sub-Inspector Ajit Bade, Police Commissioner Bhivere, and other police personnel of Shivajinagar Police Station under the guidance of Additional Commissioner of Police Western Regional Division Pravin Patil, Deputy Commissioner of Police Sandeep Singh Gill, and Assistant Commissioner of Police Vasant Kuwar.

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