Pune: Account Department Employees Swindle Over 24 Lakhs from Nigdi Companies

Pune: Two individuals employed in the account department of Jimjo International Academy and International Film Academy in Nigdi stand accused of embezzling a staggering amount totalling 24 lakh, 30 thousand, and 828 rupees. The fraudulent scheme unfolded between April 1, 2022, and April 17, 2023, at one of Nigdi’s companies.

The gravity of the situation came to light when a concerned woman lodged a formal complaint with the Nigdi police station, unveiling the calculated deception perpetrated by the accused. Identified as Ganesh, alias Mayur Dhawade, a 34-year-old resident of Xbia Eiffel, Chakan, and an unnamed woman, the duo now face charges under sections IPC 408, 409, 420, and 34.

According to police sources, Ganesh, entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the entire account department, abused his position of authority within the company. Concurrently, the female accomplice was entrusted with managing the daily expenses for the new project initiated by the International Film Academy and Aviation Academy in Bhel Chowk.

As per the information, the accused systematically transferred funds from the company’s current account at Canara Bank into their personal account, all the while presenting falsified bills to cover their tracks. The elaborate scheme, meticulously executed over a period of several months, ultimately resulted in the misappropriation of over Rs 24 lakhs from the company’s coffers.

Assistant Police Inspector Arjun Pawar, spearheading the investigation, affirmed the seriousness of the allegations. Nigdi police are conducting further investigations into the case.

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