Making false marriage promises is wrong: Supreme Court

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday came down heavily on people making false marriage promises.

The Apex Court bench headed by Chief Justice of India SA Bobde while hearing an alleged rape case where the girl accused a person of raping her under the pretext of marrying her, said that false marriage promise by either gender is wrong.

“Making a false promise of marriage is wrong. No one should falsely promise marriage and break-off but that is different from saying that the act of sexual intercourse is rape,” observed the CJI-led bench, adding that the SC had “settled the matter” in earlier judgments.

The woman blamed that the accused Vinay Pratap Singh made the false promise of marrying her. The couple allegedly got married in a temple in Manali and after that the accused raped her.

Whereas the accused mentioned that he took permission of the girl and did not force her. According to his lawyer, the couple were in ‘live-in’ relationship and did not marry and the woman filed an FIR only after clashes were erupted between the two.

According to the sources, the couple was together for two years but in 2019, the accused married some other girl. The accused used to live with the girl and used to beat her frequently. The woman had also shown medical certificates of the injury to the court.

TheApex Court has for now granted protection from arrest to the accused for four weeks but declined to pass any orders on his plea to quash the FIR.

“You apply for discharge from the case in the trial court after evidence is collected,” the bench said.

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