Senior citizen’s horse riding skills grab attention at bullock cart race

Pune : NpNews24 OnlineBullock Cart Race Pune |  After the Supreme Court lifted the ban on organisation of bullock cart races, many races are being held in various parts of the state. A bullock cart race was recently organised in Maval taluka. However, what grabbed the attention was the horse riding skills of 75-year-old Nana alias Madhukar Pachpute, a resident of Chinchoshi village.


The race started and Pachpute showed his horse riding skills which could have even been envied by youngsters. The audience clapped and whistled and appreciated the horse riding skills of Pachpute.



Pachpute likes to ride a horse before a bullock cart race begins. More than 50 years have passed since he started riding horses. Whenever a bullock cart race is held in the area, he always ensures to take part in the event by riding his horse. He also has the knack of controlling a wild horse without using a rein.


“Bullock cart races have started after 10 years. I was very happy after the races started. I like them very much and they are close to my heart. It is risky to lead a race by riding a horse but the happiness which I get by doing so has no limits,’’ Pachpute said.


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