Rayat Shikshan Santha’s professor demands sexual favours from girl student

Ahmednagar: A professor has been booked for demanding sexual favours from his girl student for giving her 20 out of 20 marks in the practical exam of Geography subject in the HSC exam.

The professor has been identified as Satish Shirke from the Rayat Shikshan Sanstha’s Radhabai Kale Women’s College in Ahmednagar. Currently, the HSC practical exams are underway. The incident took place during the exam. The victim ignored his demand but he gave her zero marks. When she questioned this with him, he again made the same demand and made obscene gestures at her, stated the complaint.

The girl student staying in the city lodged the complaint at the Tofkhana Police Station. The victim is studying in Std XII in the arts faculty of the Radhabai Kale College. Prof Shirke is the Geography teacher. The victim stated in the complaint that Prof Shirke called her to his cabin on February 5. Then he asked her if she wanted to have 20 out of 20 marks in the Geography exam, what would she give him? She avoided the topic and went away.

Later, whenever she met the accused on the college premises, he kept on repeating the same demand. However, she ignored it. Finally, the accused gave the victim zero marks in the practical exam. Then she went to ask him why he failed her in the exam. However, he again made the same demand and made obscene gestures. She realised that he would sexually exploit her. So, she went away. She was frightened and did not tell anybody at home. Next day, she narrated the incident to her parents. They supported her and approached the police, stated the complaint.

A case of molestation and sexual exploitation of children has been registered against Prof Shirke. He has been arrested.
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