Pune Forest Department Foils Illegal Alexandrine Parrot Trade, Arrests Three Suspects

Pune: The Pune Forest Department successfully intercepted and apprehended three individuals attempting to sell Alexandrine parrots in the city. The swift action, conducted near Lohia IT Park in Aundh on Sunday, resulted in the seizure of two parrots from the suspects.

The arrested individuals have been identified as Piyush Dattatraye Pasalkar (21 years old, resident of Karvenagar), Yash Ramesh Kangude (21 years old, resident of Warje, Karvenagar), and Saurav Kondiba Zhore (19 years old, resident of Warje, Karvenagar).

Prompted by intelligence received by Pune Forest Department officials regarding the illegal sale of Alexandrine parrots near Lohia IT Park, authorities devised a strategy to apprehend the perpetrators. Undercover officers posed as potential buyers, leading to the successful arrest of the three individuals engaged in the illicit trade of parrots.

Forest ranger Bhamburda Sapkal, forest security guard Hake, and his team, under the guidance of sub-forest conservator Mahadev Mohite, spearheaded the operation, displaying exemplary dedication to wildlife conservation. The operation also received valuable support from the Wildlife Warden in Satara, Rohan Bhate, enhancing its effectiveness.

Alexandrine parrots, listed under Schedule 2 Part B of the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, are afforded legal protection, making their capture, sale, or possession unlawful. Perpetrators found guilty of violating these provisions face severe penalties, including imprisonment for up to seven years and fines of up to Rs. 10,000 under the act.

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