Pune: Dr. Rita Shetiya honored with ‘Surya Mangal Nari Gaurav Puraskar’

Pune: on behalf of The Surya Mangal Banquet, Dr. Rita Madanlal Shetiya (Education and Social Sector) from Dhankawadi, was honored with ‘Surya Mangal Nari Gaurav Puraskar’ among women who have achieved remarkable achievements In various fields.

The award ceremony was held at Surya Mangal Dining and Banquet in Tathawade to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Organizer Pankaj Gadia said, women’s work was defined as hearth and child. But this definition has changed today. The Kitchen is essential in the hotel business. The award embodies the concept of respecting and honoring women while working in the hotel business. There was a big challenge in selecting women for this award. The names of many accomplished women had come up. We are honoring five women this year. The award ceremony will be a tribute to the achievements of women.

Dr. Rita Shetiya said, Food, Clothing and Shelter are the three basic needs. But apart from this, Education and Health have also become basic needs. I started the NGO name “Rita India Foundation”, so that other students do not face the difficulties of education since childhood. Working through Many struggle for education and health. In such a case, we are working to provide funds for this. We all saw a difficult situation like Corona, even in that condition we continued the flow of help like food grains, medical kits and sanitizer. This was possible only with everyone’s cooperation. We should continue to work with the feeling that we have to give to society.

Dr. Rita Shetiya dedicated this award to her mother HC. Dr.Savita Madanlal Shetiya.

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