Prioritise Baramati Election First: Ajit Pawar Instructs Mahayuti’s Party Workers in Khadakwasla

Pune: In the run-up to the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency elections, the Mahayuti coalition has launched its campaign in the pivotal Khadakwasla Assembly Constituency, known for its urban demographic. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has directed Mahayuti workers to focus their efforts exclusively on Baramati from May 1 to May 7, aiming to bolster the coalition’s presence in the region.

The campaign in Khadakwasla gained momentum following Ajit Pawar’s directive, with the coalition collecting information on large housing complexes in the area. Addressing the challenges faced by residents, the Mahayuti aims to address issues such as roads, traffic congestion, and water scarcity, promising swift resolution through discussions with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

With the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency slated for voting on May 7, Mahayuti has set ambitious targets for securing votes from Khadakwasla. Given the urban tilt of the constituency and the BJP’s previous electoral success in urban areas, Mahayuti’s candidate, Sunetra Pawar, has been aiming to secure at least one lakh votes from the region this time.

To galvanise support, Mahayuti inaugurated its election office in Khadakwasla on Sunday, signalling the start of an intensive campaign. Ajit Pawar underscored the importance of engaging with voters residing in the area’s numerous housing complexes, totalling around 1264, some housing as many as 5000 flats. The focus is on addressing local concerns and mobilising residents to cast their votes for the Mahayuti coalition, symbolised by the clock symbol.

Pawar emphasised the need for Mahayuti workers to convey a strong message of commitment to resolving community issues and ensuring voter turnout. The coalition aims to capitalise on its promises of swift action on infrastructure and civic problems, banking on the credibility of its leadership to deliver results.

With four candidates contesting in Pune district, Baramati takes precedence in Mahayuti’s campaign strategy. Pawar urged workers to prioritise Baramati in their canvassing efforts, ensuring a concentrated push from May 1 to May 7. Following the Baramati elections, Ajit Pawar asked party workers to shift attention to the Pune, Shirur, and Maval Lok Sabha constituencies, highlighting the coalition’s comprehensive approach to electoral engagement.

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