Monika Mohol Joins Pune BJP’s Election Drive, Campaigns Vigorously for Husband Muralidhar Mohol

Pune: In the wake of the BJP’s announcement of Murlidhar Mohol as their candidate for the Pune Lok Sabha elections, the entire Pune BJP machinery has kicked off an intensive campaign in support of him. Mohol himself has been actively engaged in personal interactions, meeting with various social organizations, prominent figures across different sectors, and senior party leaders. Adding strength to the campaign, Mohol’s wife, Monika Mohol, a former corporator, has been actively participating in the campaign alongside him, leveraging her experience in municipal governance.

Monika Mohol has been particularly focused on mobilising support at the grassroots level, embarking on a series of visits to the homes of dignitaries and veteran corporators across all six assembly constituencies in Pune. Over the past fifteen days, she has engaged in extensive interactions with constituents, seeking their opinions on the election campaign and garnering support for Murlidhar Mohol, the Mahayuti candidate in Pune.

Reflecting on her involvement in the campaign, Monika Mohol stated, “Having served as a corporator in the municipal corporation, I have developed connections with fellow corporators and gained valuable experience over the years. Murlidhar Anna has been instrumental in providing me with the opportunity to engage in social work and public service, thus preparing me for this moment. With the aim of contributing to the Lok Sabha election campaign from its inception, I decided to actively participate from the outset, drawing upon my early experiences.”

With a wealth of experience spanning nearly five elections, Monika Mohol’s insights and efforts have proven invaluable in galvanising public support for Murlidhar Mohol. “The enthusiastic response from citizens during meetings underscores the growing trust in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, evident at every stage of the campaign,” said Monika Mohol. Monika Mohol has diligently traversed all six assembly constituencies, reaffirming her commitment to the party’s campaign agenda.

Monika Mohol further affirmed her dedication to the ongoing campaign, expressing her intent to continue actively participating as per the party’s scheduled activities in the days ahead.

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