A new tradition starts, India’s first block-chain wedding takes place in Pune

Pune : NpNews24 OnlineBlockchain Wedding | “Our family members and close friends witnessed this 15-minute ceremony on Google Meet. After taking blessings from digital priest Anup Pakki, we read out the wedding oath. Later, his NFT was transferred to Shruti’s digital wallet,” said Narsipuram.


“All these activities took some minutes. The digital priest announced that we were husband and wife. The ceremony has been saved permanently in the ETH blockchain. It is a public record of our ties,” said Narasipuram. It is quite possible that blockchain weddings may soon catch the fancy of the young generation.


The pandemic has put restrictions on social gatherings. Only a restricted number of people can attend weddings these days. At some places, online streaming of a wedding is organized for the near and dear ones, who cannot be physically present at the venue. Now, going a step forward blockchain technology has been roped in for the first time for a wedding ceremony.


This is probably the first such wedding in the country. A couple from Pune has achieved this feat and started a new tradition. The hi-tech marriage has become a talking point in India.


Recently, Dinesh SP and Janganadhini got married in Tamil Nadu by creating a virtual form of the bride’s late father. A couple from Kolkata invited over 400 guests for their virtual marriage reception on Google Meet.


Now, Pune-based Shruti Nayar and Anil Narasipuram have taken a step further. They organized their wedding using blockchain technology on OpenSea platform.


Anil Narsipuram gave details about his marriage on social media platform LinkedIn: Shruti Nayar and I had a registered marriage in Pune on November 15, 2001. We immediately started preparing for our ‘digital marriage’ ceremony. We decided to organize the wedding by using blockchain technology. Thus, the ceremony has now taken place.”


“We first confirmed the Ethereum (ETH) smart contract in the form of non-fungible token (NFT). The image used for creating NFT has Shruti’s wedding ring photo, which has the wedding oath. We set a metamask wallet in our laptops. Then ‘digital priest’ Anup Pakki minted OpenSea NFT and transferred it to us.”


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