Whale ambergris : Mumbai police crime branch arrests two with Whale vomit worth Rs 8 crore!


Mumbai : Mumbai Police Crime Branch has taken a major action and seized Whale ambergris. Whale ambergris (Whale Vomit) is said to be worth Rs 7.75 crore. Due to it’s huge price available in the market, it is also called floating gold of the sea.

Ambergris is a substance that is produced in the stomach of sperm whales. Whale Ambergris (Whale Vomit) is often found floating in the ocean. In the last few days, several forms of smuggling of ambergris have been found in India.

Under the Wildlife Conservation Act, it is illegal to buy or sell ambergris in India. Earlier this month, Bangalore police had seized 6.7 kg of ambergris. Police had also arrested four accused. Ambergris was also seized in Ahmedabad last month.

What is Whale ambergris?
Ambergris is a flammable substance like wax. Which is light gray or black. Ambergris is formed in the body of the whale fish and the whale fish expels it through the mouth. It has a high price in the international market and is often trafficked.

Why is whale vomit so expensive?
Ambergris, or whale vomit, is smuggled into many countries. Its purchase and sale are banned in most countries. Whale vomit costs billions of rupees. Which is widely used in the perfume sector. This helps to keep the scent of the perfume for a long time.

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