VIDEO VIRAL: CAA: Hundreds of protesters gathered for the protest, cops warned the public,  then ‘this’ IPS officer started singing, then…

Bengaluru: npnews24 Online – Violent protests are taking place in many parts of the country over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Public properties are being handed over. The country’s capital, Delhi, was on fire. Even the protesters did not spare the police and treated them with such vicious behavior. Meanwhile, a video of Bengaluru (Central) DCP Chetan Singh Rathor is going viral on social media, in which only one song sung by DCP forced hundreds of protesters to return to their homes in peace.
Hundreds of protesters gathered at the Bengaluru town hall to protest the CAA. Despite the police warning, they had refused to leave. After this, DCP Chetan Singh Rathore came among them and appealed to the people that some crooks want to take advantage of such opportunities. They are somewhere in your midst. So if you trust me, calmly finish your performance and go to your home. After that he said I am going to sing a song, in this song every country of my countrymen will stand with me. He then started singing the national anthem, in which all the exhibitors there also sang. After this, all returned slowly and peacefully.
DSP has been getting acclaim across the country since the video was released. When users are retweeting this video, someone is reacting in their own estimation.

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