Vandana Chavan the next deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha?



New Delhi

National Congress Party (NCP) member and second time Member of Parliament Vandana Chavan of Rajya Sabha is reportedly been nominated as the deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha. The election for the position will take place on August 9, 2018 that is on Thursday.

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The candidate’s name will be revealed after a meeting attended by the opposition which is scheduled for 1 PM.

Reportedly, Sharad Pawar, Sonia Gandhi, and other political member have nominated Chavan’s name for the post. In addition to it the president of NCP, Sharad Pawar is known for his alliances and taking people into confidence.

There are also talks that Shivsena is very upset with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), as they have not considered its opinion while nomination. If this is the case, the party might introduce their own four candidates. There will be only four candidates representing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and NDA, which will prove as a problem for them.

When Chavan was asked about the nomination she said, she is unaware of such news. In fact, she claims to get such information from the media. She said, “Although I’ll be happy if it’s true. If it’s a woman who is nominated, no matter whichever party she belongs to. As a woman I’ll be happy for the nomination and I feel lucky that my work has been appreciated and I am considered for such position,” she added.

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It takes 123 votes to win the position of Deputy Chairman; BJP might be a huge party still NDA lacks that spot. With some alliances and along with neutral parties BJP reaches till 115. But it still cannot be predicted that NDA which as 13 members of parliament will vote in whose favor.

Vandana Chavan is the member of parliament from April 2012 representing NCP. before entering into politics she was a lawyer. She is a former mayor of Pune from March 1997 – 1998. During that Vice Chairperson of All India Council of Mayors and also she was Chairperson of Maharashtra State Mayor, President and Councillors Organisation. She also runs NGO as well work on women, social and environment issue.

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