Try something different this International Women’s Day

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE:  TANUSHREE PODDAR:    Mark your calendar for tomorrow as we celebrate the day all dedicated to women every year on the occasion of International Women’s Day. This day not only honors the incredible contributions and strengths of women all over the globe, but also voicing the work we still have left to do in the fight for women’s rights and total gender equality.

How about celebrating this Women’s Day little differently? Well, we got it all covered.

Show your support

Use this day as a chance to support your favorite women-owned or women-run businesses. Round up your friends or family and go eat dinner at a woman-owned restaurant, or splurge on a new outfit at your favorite boutique.

Tribe trip

Travelling and exploring exotic places is always part of “to do” list, then how about doing it now? It’s a long weekend! Grab your mother, sisters, daughters or the gal pal gang and climb the mountains, go on a road trip, try out camping under the stars and what not.

Guilty pleasure

The whole year, you give up all your eating and cravings to fit into the society’s ideology of perfect body by extensive workouts and starving yourself, Its time to give it a break. So, ditch your diet plans and grab some real food and discover your taste buds and try different cuisine

Teaching the next generation

Educate the next generation of feminists and explain to your kids why the day is celebrated, and how important it is for women and men to be treated equally. Read about remarkable women, watch an inspiring girl power movie, or volunteer together.

Be thankful

This is the perfect time to show your gratitude toward a woman who inspires you. Send your mom or grandma a bouquet and thank them for everything they’ve taught you. Surprise your best friend with a thoughtful letter. Reach out to a female leader in your community and thank them for their work.


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