The real victims of Cosmos Bank




Pune based Cosmos Co-operative Bank which ranks among the city’s oldest urban Co-operative bank became the victim of Rs 94 crore fraud as hackers infiltrated into bank’s system. In the meantime, the Maharashtra Police has formed Special Investigation Team to probe.

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As per the exclusive report of NP News 24, shutters of Cosmos Bank ATMs have been closed down after the incident was reported to police for security reasons. As per the bank officials, the ATMs will be resumed a couple of days later.

After the FIR was registered and online transaction systems were blocked concerning the security purpose, people got panic and they had to rush to the bank to withdraw the cash and also to get the updates on their bank’s transaction statements. Although the bank officials have been cleared that account holder’s amount has not been hacked. Also, there was the national holiday on August 15 which is resulting in huge people gathering at banks.

In the current situation, people have to visit the bank or transact through other bank’s ATMs which is causing extra charge as there are limitations on transaction through other banks.

To find the reality NP news 24 reached the Cosmos Banks, in various branches like Pimpri-Chinchwad, Parvati, Tilak road, and Satara road, it seems that banks were still to open by 11 am while in few areas where it was found that people were gathered in huge numbers at respective branches to collect the money. They had to wait in a long queue or had to suffer the long waiting time.

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