Sunny Leone donates 5 Crore of rupees for Kerala relief fund



Sunny Leone has always been dragged to controversies and has always been in news, right from adopting a girl from Maharashtra to the controversial characters played by her in the movies. But this time she is in the limelight for a noble cause.

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Sunny Leone has donated 5 crores of rupees for Kerala relief fund to help the flood-affected people.

On one hand, State and Central governments are announcing aid; on the other hand, many Bollywood stars are coming forward for sending relief money. After Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and some south superstars, junior NTR, Sunny Leone donated 5 crores to Kerala flood victims, but she refused to talk about it. Even her husband Daniel Weber, did not say anything regarding this.

The condition of the state is very bad. This rain has broken the record of the last 100 years. A red alert has been withdrawn from all districts of Kerala, because of gradual decrease in rainfall. The relocated people are not getting basic needs like clothes, medicines, pure drinking water, and sufficient food. In this bad situation, some kind-hearted people from all over the country coming forward for help by the possible way.

As per the social media messages, Sunny Leone has announced help for flood victims. People have been giving various their opinions on this. Most of the people are comparing her with ‘Vijay Shekhar’ the founder of Paytm as he had given 10 thousand rupees to relief funded not.

When Sunny was asked about it, she refused to talk on this topic. This news became viral and spread like fire on social media. Sunny’s fans seemed to be very happy with this initiative taken by her. One of her fans said that “She is not hungry for publicity like other stars. Donating for a noble cause to help people in crisis is a voluntary job and 5 crores is a big amount.”

Various people are discussing on this, some are thinking it is ok to promote it while others are considering it as a publicity stunt although Sunny hasn’t said anything about it yet. But, whatever it is, she has worked for a good cause and people are appreciating it.

Dr. Arun Kumar Jayant tweeted on twitter questioning all other celebrities of Bollywood as to what are they doing and why are they sitting idle when Sunny Leone has donated such a large amount of money to the flood affected people of Kerala.

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