SMDEX Will List SureFire On February 11th, 2022

SMDEX is scheduled to list the SureFire on Growing Section.

Deposit starts at: 11/02/22 10:00 AM IST

Trading starts at: 12/02/22 10:00 AM IST

Withdrawal starts at: 13/02/22 10:00 AM IST

Trading Pairs : SFX/USDT & SFX/SMD


Project Name: SureFire

Abbreviation: SFX

Project Introduction:  What is SureFire ?

The SureFire is a fully integrated cryptocurrency in an Ecosystem. The SureFire Ecosystem will offer SwapFire, FireMask, FireX, SureFire NFTs, and Virtual Reality Gaming in Metaverse

The SureFire Ecosystem allows getting solutions to all the Financial issues and gives you the Blockchain platform. We are developing an Ecosystem where blockchain’s enthusiastic can use various services offered by SureFire.

SureFire will offer a Digital Currency on the Binance Smart Chain providing Decentralized services, Centralized Services, Non-Fungible Tokens, Virtual world Experience, Financial Services So Users can get the benefits of these services at one Platform.

The SureFire is a fully integrated cryptocurrency in an Ecosystem that offers Decentralized services, NFTs, inclusive and transparent financial services, Virtual Reality Gaming platforms in Metaverse which connects the Blockchain Technology to each individual user.

Token type: BEP-20

Total supply:50,00,000

Official Website:

Explorer :

Risk warning

The investment on cryptocurrency projects is subject to high market risks. Please make your assets cautiously. SMDEX will make the best efforts to choose high-quality cryptocurrency projects, but SMDEX will not be responsible for any of your investment losses.

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