‘Shri Balaji Mahanatyam’ Unfolds Grand History of the Deity in Pune


Pune: Pune witnessed the enchanting tale of Shri Balaji’s history brought to life through a spectacular drama, ‘Shri Balaji Mahanatyam.’ The grand performance, presented by the ‘Shri Govinda Cultural and Social Foundation,’ unveiled the divine saga of Shri Balaji’s arrival in Bhulok, his Leela, and his significant connection with Shri Mahalakshmi in Kolhapur.

Performed on an impressive five-storied stage, the Mahanatyam captivated the audience with its visual splendor. The production involved the participation of 250 amateur artists, over 70 dance performers, as well as horses, robotic elephants, and more.

‘Shri Balaji Mahanaty’ made its debut in Pune through the efforts of the ‘Shri Govinda Cultural and Social Foundation,’ contributing to the temple construction fund in Pandharpur.

The inaugural ceremony was graced by Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamy. Dignitaries present at the event included entrepreneur Nitin Chordia, Bigg Boss fame actor Abhijit Beechukle, Mahanatya writer and director Vishal Deepak Dhumawat, and Adv. Sunny Ravindra Kolpakar.

Addressing the gathering, Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamy highlighted the significance of the play, stating that it serves the purpose of narrating the history of Balaji. He emphasized that Shri Balaji Bhagwan, a divine presence in Kalyuga, blesses believers, and the grand play aims to contribute to the construction of a temple dedicated to the deity.

‘Shree Balaji Mahanatyam’ is scheduled to be showcased every evening at 5 pm until February 11, taking place at Chordiya Corner Ground in Shanti Nagar, Kondhwa.

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