School for senior citizen women to be featured in movie




What is the first thing comes into your mind when you hear about school? You might start thinking about children, teacher, playground, etc. But, there is a very unique school which runs at Fangane village for the last three years.

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Unlike other schools, the uniqueness of this school is that it only welcomes students above 60 years!  There is a unique elderly women school, famous by name ‘Aajeeibai school’ being run in Fangane village of Murbad taluka.

Primary school teacher, Yogendra Bangar started these schools three years ago through the Motiram Dalal Charitable Trust to teach the elderly women, who were far away from education due to various reasons. This school has a holiday on Thursday and runs all the remaining days of the week. The school conducts sessions between two to four in the afternoon. Pink Nauvari saree is the dress code.

These elderly women have proved that there is no age limitation for education. At this age their passion for learning and enthusiasm is notable. There are some youngsters in society, who couldn’t fulfill their wishes at their early age of life. The school is a ray of light to their hopes and desires to be fulfilled.

These women have set down a good example and are an inspiration to society by showing the interest in learning at this age.  This school has also been registered in Limca Book.

Now, this school is going to get its deserved popularity, as a movie is being produced featuring this school. Aajeebai’s unique school is now going to be recognized nationwide and will be seen in a film. A film production company has already given the proposal for such.

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Interacting with this unique project, Mumbai’s JD IES has expressed its desire to produce a film on ‘Aajibai School’. The organization has sent a letter to the school and Yogendra Bangar has allowed him to make a film on this subject. Yusuf Khan will direct this film and Ashish Ningunkar will write the script.

That’s how the school started:

There was a Parayan (reading in the team) of Shiv Charitra (biography) on the birth anniversary of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (Shiv Jayanti). The women were sitting there and they had a desire to read and write. At that time, around 30 old women from the village, wanted to join Shiv Charitra, but they could not able to read because of their illiteracy. These women talked about it to school teacher Yogendra Bangar that, “If we were able to read, we would have to join Shiv Charitra today.”  Since that incident, this idea ‘Aajeebai school’ was started on the special occasion of  ‘Women’s Day’ on March 8, 2016, by Motiram Dalal Charitable Trust.

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