Scholarship Examination- Highest number of qualified students from Pune

Pune : NpNews24 Online  –  Pune ZP News | The Maharashtra State Examination Council has recently published interim results, showing that Pune District has the largest number of students in both Class 5 and 8 to have qualified for the exam. The district had a total of 15,704 Class 5 students and 7,140 Class 8 students who qualified the examination, which as a district is more than all regions in the state, except Kolhapur. (Pune ZP News)


Pune Zilha Parishad has been encouraging all students to take the scholarship examination, as it tests foundational learning and numeracy in Class 5. A record number of students appeared for the examination, with 55,129 Class 5 students and 32,396 Class 8 students from Pune District. The percentage of students who qualified the examinations was 29.58% for Class 5 and 22.85% for Class 8.


However, Pune District is still behind Kolhapur, Satara, and Buldhana for Class 5 in terms of the percentage of students who have qualified the exam, while for Class 8, it is behind Mumbai and Kolhapur.


The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, has set a target of Nipun Bharat by 2025, which aims to ensure that every child has achieved proficiency in foundation learning and basic numeracy. Pune District Institute of Education Training has been working to bridge learning gaps, having an eight-week module during December to February, and a second module during summer vacations.


Despite having the best results, many of the students are yet to achieve proficiency, and Pune Zilha Parishad is committed to ensuring that no child is left behind.


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