Routine transfers of police inspectors likely to be delayed?

PUNE (Nitin Patil) :

General Transfers Of Maharashtra Police Inspectors (PI) | There is speculation that routine transfers of police inspectors are likely to be delayed. It is being said that the transfers will not happen for at least a month. During the coronavirus pandemic, the postings of officials were delayed. The transfers took place last year. Since routine transfers of 500 to 600 PIs are to be carried out, the process is going to be delayed, it is being said. (General Transfers Of Maharashtra Police Inspectors (PI)


There was speculation in the DGP office in Mumbai that a proposal was sent by the DGP office to the Home Department that the transfers should be postponed by a month. To verify this, contacted senior police officials who said that no proposal had been sent but the transfers are going to be delayed.


The Home Department has promoted 143 Sr PIs to ACP/DySP rank from May 22, 2023 and on the same day, 119 DySPs/ACPs were transferred. After the transfers of DySPs and ACPs, the transfers of PIs take place. However, there is discussion that the transfers of PIs are going to be delayed by a month. However, officials have said that the transfers will take place as early as possible.


Since the transfers are going to be delayed, some PIs are happy and some are disappointed. Some officers holding important posts will continue in their posts for some more time and those holding insignificant posts will have to ‘suffer’ for some time.


Some officers are hoping that the transfers are delayed and some are hoping to get an extension. Some officers are eagerly waiting for the transfers to take place.


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