Reservation needs to be increase and its rights




The question of caste-based reservation is becoming serious day by day and the curse is been given to the government claiming they are ignoring it. The demand of the reservation is to be completed, as there is a need to keep the social peace and harmony the state and to overcome, in Pune, a grant meet was organized in an educational institute of all community to together come forward and demand reservation.

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A grant meet was organized in an educational institute of all community to come forward for the demand of reservation. Present in this conference were the organizers of Maratha, Muslim, Jain, Dhangar, Brahmin, and Lingayat communities. If the member of all community unites, it can take an unimaginable serious situation and the huge trouble can spread over the nation. What if all these communities will pressurize the government on reservation issues because Maharashtra has recently witnessed the drawbacks and violence of quota reservation agitation.

A mass meeting was organized in Pune under the initiative of the ‘Golmej Parishad’ (Round Table Conference) on behalf of all communities and religions. Soon they are planning a state level reservation meet based on today’s agenda. Similarly, the state’s reservation percentage should be increased from 52 to 70 percent. All these demands were made in the conference. If it does not happen, then there will be a conflict situation everywhere.

This Conferences of all social organizations were arranged at the Azam Campus in Pune. The spokespersons from various social and religious organizations had participated in this Conference. “Is it possible to give reservation to all communities, like Maratha, Muslim, Jain, Dhanagar, Brahmin, and Lingayat?”- This was the key topic of discussion in the conference. The issue of the reservation has once again come into lights.  There is a conflicting situation everywhere in the state. Few recent incidents indicate that the reservation is used as a tool that makes discriminations into the castes/religions. The reservation has failed in removing caste differences and it has promoted the caste divide and caste conflicts. So it is very important to make a permanent solution to this issue.

The Conference was started by the speech of P.A. Inamdar, the head of Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society. Maratha Seva Sangh founder Purushottam Khedekar, Historian Shreemant Kokate, Maratha Mukh Morcha’s coordinator Praveen Gaikwad and Rajendra Kondhare, Praveen Dave of All India Brahmin Federation, Dhanagar reservation coordinator Arjun Salgar, Prof Pradeep Phaltane of All India Jain Sangh, Rajendra Ahluwalia from Sikh community, Haji Nadaf- coordinator of the Muslim Morcha organization, Prof Sushma Andhare- the spokeswoman of the nomadic tribes organizations and Manuel D’Souza of Christian community were present for this conference.

Inamdar pointed out that, “On 70% reservation need to be given based on social and education structure. At present in Maharashtra, 52 percent reservation is been followed. We need to legally find a solution for it and need to speak on law term. Reservation is our need and rights. We together need to plan it strategically and raise this issue with fraternity and togetherness. Due to the reservation, we today are becoming aggressive against each other community and trying to suppress others. We need to raise the issue sensitively. As we have seen in past even approaching court is not the very easy task as there are chances some parties approach the court and will get the stay.”

Dave said, “We are not against anyone getting the reservation but in Education and social structure merit need to be considered. We as Brahmin never demand reservation. As the coming generation must not face issues related to education. As seen few cases were based on reservation student procure admission and coming to college in cars as such social structure have changes and such need to be considered too. Despite 70 years post independence the situation and lifestyles of few communities have change. There is need to retrospective the reservation issue. We need to look at ourselves as Indian first and not on a religion or caste. From each”

Maratha Kranti Morcha volunteers cleared that we never claimed to remove someone reservation and give them but the reservation can be given based on the guidelines laid down under the Indian Constitution. The time has come to bring an amendment to the constitution. Reservation is the big challenge and basic puzzle to resolve it.

Speaking to NP News24, Anjum Inamdar one of the core coordinators of the event said, “We want jointly to raise the issue with Gandhian ideology, not as any caste or community but togetherness is needed. We with based on Saturday event will make a report and soon on the same bases will host a mass meeting of all reservation community a state level meet.”

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