Rajkot: Private schools threaten parents to stop online classes if fees not paid by December 10


Rajkot : Even after the state government waived 25 per cent fees for students this year, the controversy between parents and administrators over the issue of fees has not stopped, leading to a decision by the private school board to stop online education of students who do not pay fees by December 10. Even after this circular, there are issues between parents and school administrators on the issue of fees and a number of parents are facing disputes with school administrators over non-payment of fees due to job losses this year. Once again, the private school board has taken a tough decision on the issue of fees, declaring that the children whose parents do not pay fees will not be given online education from December 10.

Rajkot’s private school board has decided to stop online education of students whose fees are not paid by December 10 and asked parents to teach their children through the government’s channel. The private school is claiming that the decision was made due to survival issues. Jatin Bharad, vice-president of Gujarat Private School Board of Directors, held a press conference today and announced the decision. Most schools are likely to be involved in the decision.

Even four months ago, there was a split among school-administrators and a controversy erupted over the closure of online education. Amid a controversy over the collection of fees from students by private schools amid the Corona epidemic, the state’s largest private school-governing body decided to shut down online education. On the other hand, the Gujarat State School-Administrators’ Federation clarified that their organization has not taken any decision to stop online education. Interestingly, when the government decided not to charge fees till the school reopens, a meeting of the principals of private schools in the state of Gujarat was held and it was decided to stop online education. Thus, there was a split between the two large private school-governing bodies over the closure of online education.

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