Rahul Gandhi to Return As Congress President, CWC Rejects Other Leader’s Option

New Delhi : It is now almost certain that senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will be the next president of the party. Meanwhile, his new team in the party organization will also be ready. So that, after assuming the responsibility of the post of president, he can decide accordingly.

In the CWC meeting held on the letter of disgruntled leaders to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, almost every member has urged Rahul Gandhi to become the president. The CWC has also issued a unanimous statement praising Rahul Gandhi’s leadership with Sonia Gandhi.

According to the CWC, “The most powerful voices against government failure and divisive policies are of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has strongly led the public fight against the BJP government.” After the meeting, senior party leader Randeep Surjewala once again reiterated that it is the desire of all Congressmen that Rahul Gandhi should assume the responsibility of the post of president.

According to a senior party leader, Rahul Gandhi can be elected Congress President in the Congress session. For this, the party can also adopt the election process in a democratic manner. However, it is certain that all the state Congress committees will unanimously pass a resolution to make Rahul Gandhi the party president.

After Rahul Gandhi’s resignation, the party was completely void for more than two months, but at that time the party could not decide any other name, later Sonia Gandhi had to assume this responsibility.

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