Rahul Gandhi takes pot shots at BJP and RSS, says “single force born in Nagpur are trying to control the whole country”


Ahead of Assam Assembly elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi slammed Central government and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) by saying “one force, born in Nagpur are trying to control the whole county” but the youths must resist this attempt with love and confidence as they happen to be the future of the country.

Rahul Gandhi, who is on a two-day poll campaign visit to Assam, made these remarks while interacting with college students in the Dibrugarh district.

Gandhi on Friday asserted that his party, if voted to power in Assam, will ensure that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is not implemented in the state.

Affirming that no religion teaches enmity, Gandhi, during his interaction with college students here in Dibrugarh district, said the saffron party was “selling hatred to create divisions among people”.

“You think democracy is declining. Youth is unemployed, farmers are protesting, CAA is there. We can’t ask the people of Assam to forget their culture, language if they come to Delhi. One force, born in Nagpur, is trying to control the whole country,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Former party president Gandhi took a pot shot at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said BJP failed to fulfil their promises made for the tea workers over daily wages. Making a poll promise, Gandhi assured tea workers that after coming to power, Congress government will give them Rs 365 as daily wages.

“BJP promised Rs 351, but gives Rs 167 to Assam tea workers. I am not Narendra Modi, I don’t lie. Today, we give you 5 guarantees, Rs 365 for tea workers, we will stand against CAA, 5 lakh jobs, 200 units free electricity and Rs 2000 for housewives,” said Congress’ Gandhi.

This is Rahul Gandhi’s first visit to the state after the declaration of assembly polls. Earlier on Friday, Rahul Gandhi met the tea garden workers at Dinjoy tea estate in Chabua.


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