Pune: Spectacular Victories Highlight Day 2 of ‘Friendship Cup’ Cricket Championship

Pune: The ‘Friendship Cup’ Cricket Championship, organised by the Punit Balan Group, continued to dazzle spectators as Nadbramha Sarvavadak, Rangari Royals, Dagdusheth Warriors, Jogeshwari Jaguars, Mahalakshmi Mavericks, Shri Ram Pathak, and Garud Strikers emerged victorious in thrilling encounters on the second day of the tournament. Held at the L. R. Shinde High School ground in Sahakarnagar, the competition witnessed spirited performances from teams representing Pune’s diverse Ganpati Mandal, Navratri Mandal, Dhol-Tasha Squad, and media professions.

Nadbramha Sarvavadak showcased their dominance with two consecutive wins, underscoring their prowess in the tournament. In a morning showdown, Nadbramha Sarvavadak clinched victory against Nadbramha Drummers by 9 runs, propelled by Rohan Pawar’s magnificent unbeaten knock of 54 runs. Their triumph continued in the subsequent match against the Tulshibaug Tuskers, securing an emphatic 8-wicket win with Pawar once again leading from the front.

Rangari Royals extended their winning streak with a commanding 57-run victory over the Tulshibaug Tuskers, fueled by Harnish Dani’s stellar performance. Batting first, the Rangari Royals set a formidable target of 103 runs, with notable contributions from Dani, Kailas Vyas, Sujit Dhumal, and Gaurav Nidhalkar. In a valiant chase, the Tulshibagh Tuskers faltered, managing only 46 runs.

Sri Ram Pathak, guided by Abhijit Katwate’s all-round brilliance, clinched victory against the Kasba Superkings by 38 runs, while Mahesh Pardeshi’s precision bowling propelled the Jogeshwari Jaguars to a convincing 7-wicket win over the Kasba Superkings. Mayank Gupta’s stellar performance steered the Mahalakshmi Mavericks to an 8-wicket triumph over Yuva Yoddha.

In a thrilling encounter, the Dagdusheth Warriors emerged victorious against the Jogeshwari Jaguars by 18 runs, buoyed by Kapil Raut’s exceptional innings of 61 runs. Meanwhile, the Garuda Strikers showcased their dominance with a comprehensive 10-wicket win over Media Writers, propelled by Vishal Gulme’s all-round brilliance.

Brief Results of Matches on Day 2:

  1. Media Writers vs. Garuda Strikers:

Media Writers: 52 for 7 in 8 overs (Ali Sheikh 24, Vishal Gulme 3-11, Varad Chillai 1-5).
Garuda Strikers: 53 not out in 5 overs (Vishal Gulme 27 not out, Chaitanya Shah 18 not out).
Man of the Match: Vishal Gulme

  1. Dagdusheth Warriors vs. Jogeshwari Jaguars:

Dagdusheth Warriors: 91 for 7 in 8 overs (Kapil Raut 61 (24, 4 fours, 5 sixes), Ajinkya Mozar 8, Sameer Kale 2-19)
Jogeshwari Jaguars: 73 for 7 in 8 overs (Amit Zarkar 30, Sameer Kale 12, Vishwa Pardeshi 3-17, Prakash Chavan 2-16)
Man of the Match: Kapil Raut

  1. Sri Ram Pathak vs. Kasba Superkings:

Sri Ram Pathak: 88 runs for 5 wickets in 8 overs (Abhijit Katwate 41, Kunal Shrotri 18, Satyajit Waikar 2-19).
Kasba Superkings: 50 for 6 in 8 overs (Sachin Pai 14 not out, Varad Thacker 10, Abhijeet Katwate 1-6)
Man of the Match: Abhijeet Katwate

  1. Nadbramha Sarvavadak vs. Nadbramha Drummers:

Nadbramha Sarvavadak: 78 for 4 in 8 overs (Rohan Pawar 54 not out (24, 4 fours, 4 sixes), Pratik Khandve 12, Shreyank Jain 2-18).
Nadbramha Drummers: 69 for 8 in 8 overs (Parth Naikude 20, Shreyas Bhandari 12, Harish Goyal 2-16, Sanket Kand 2-18, Rohan Pawar 2-19)
Man of the Match: Rohan Pawar

  1. Rangari Royals vs. Tulshibagh Tuskers:

Rangari Royals: 103 for 3 in 8 overs (Harnish Dani 34, Kailas Vyas not out 24, Sujit Dhumal not out 18, Gaurav Nidhalkar 16).
Tulshibagh Tuskers: 46 for 6 in 8 overs (Sai Dogre 23, Kunal Chavan 2-2).
Man of the Match: Harnish Dani

  1. Kasba Superkings vs. Jogeshwari Jaguars:

Kasba Superkings: 54 for 2 in 8 overs (Nachiket Deshpande 34, Mahesh Pardeshi 2-7)
Jogeshwari Jaguars: 55 for 3 in 7 overs (Sameer Kale 23, Jangeed Prasad 14, Girish Hasbanis 1–12)
Man of the Match: Mahesh Pardeshi

  1. Yuwa Yoddhas vs. Mahalakshmi Mavericks

Yuwa Yoddhas: 34 for 4 in 8 overs (Vidyut Pagare 11, Mayank Gupta 1-2, Omkar Pailwan 1-3).
Mahalakshmi Mavericks: 37 for 2 in 3.2 overs (Mayank Gupta 17 not out, Vivek Jambhulkar 9, Vinayak Shedge 2-20).
Man of the Match: Mayank Gupta

  1. Tulshibagh Tuskers vs. Nadbramha Sarvavadak

Tulshibag Tuskers: 47 for 7 in 8 overs (Sai Dogre 11, Sanket Kand 2-10, Rohan Pawar 1-7)
Nadbramha Sarvavadakr: 48 for 2 in 4.4 overs (Rohan Pawar 22 not out, Pratik Khandve 12, Nikhil Tekale 1-18).
Man of the match: Rohan Pawar

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