Pune Rural Police Raid Uncovers Mahadev Book Betting App Link in Narayangaon, Pune


Pune: The connection of the Mahadev book betting app case has reached till Pune. In the latest action, the local crime branch of the Pune Rural Police conducted a raid in Narayangaon, Pune, in which police detained two family members along with a big businessman from Narayangaon while they were being interrogated. After Pune rural police learned regarding the connection of the Mahadev book betting app in Narayngaon in Pune, the police have taken this action.

After conducting raids in other states of the country, including abroad, the Mahadev online betting app was started in Narayangaon, Pune. Police received a tip-off regarding the continuation of work of Mahadev app from a building in Narayangaon city, Pune. Through the investigation, it has come to light that the entire building is being used for the Mahadev betting app business.

According to the preliminary investigation, around 70 to 80 people have been detained by police in this case. Suspects are being interrogated at Narayangaon Police Station.

New information regarding the app is surfacing daily:

During the investigation of the Mahadev book app case, ED is getting new information every day. In this regard, ED has summoned many Bollywood actors and asked them to appear for investigation.

According to ED sources, during the investigation of the case, it has been revealed that the accused have used crores of rupees earned through the Mahadev Book app and other related applications to purchase vast amounts of property.

Saurabh Chandrakar, the founder of the Mahadev Book Betting App, launched the Mahadev Online App with his friend Ravi Uppal. Online betting was done through this app. Saurabh Chandrakar’s royal wedding took place in February 2023 in the United Arab Emirates. Many big celebrities attended this wedding. Due to the royal wedding ceremony and expenses, the wedding came under the radar of ED, and subsequently, the biggest money laundering network in the country was exposed.

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