Pune: Police stop a youth from committing suicide after finding a Facebook post


Pune: Police averted and saved a youth’s life who tried to commit suicide out of frustration of not having a job. The young woman had posted on Facebook that she was committing suicide and had disappeared from home. Lady Police officers took a note and searched for her and saved her life.

The 30-year-old young woman lived in the Kothrud area. She hails from Mumbai originally but came to Pune a few years ago. She lived on rent with her father. She lost her job in the lockdown and went into depression.

Out of this frustration, she wrote a post on Facebook that she was committing suicide. Bachchan Singh, Deputy Commissioner, Crime Branch received the Facebook post. He immediately took note of this and informed Sujata Shanme, Assistant Inspector, Women’s Support Unit. He also informed about the incident to Damini Squad.

 Based on the information on Facebook, the police got her mobile number and home address of the girl. Damini Squad’s Marshal then rushed to her home and questioned her parents and friends. Upon investigation, a friend informed about her whereabouts. At that time, she was found sitting outside a mall. The police reassured her and restrained her from taking any step. They also reassured her of giving a job.

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