Pune: Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar Orders In-Depth Investigation in Speeding Car Accident Case; Warns Involved MLA Against Pressurising Police (Videos)

Pune: On Sunday midnight, a horrifying accident took place in the Kalyaninagar area in which an expensive EV Porsche car rammed a two-wheeler from behind, causing the unfortunate deaths of two individuals. The deceased individuals have been identified as Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa.

In this regard, Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar informed that a complaint has been registered against the manager, along with the administration Cozy and Black pubs, along with the father of a minor accused under sections 75 and 77 of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act.

While speaking about it, the police commissioner held pub owners who illegally provided alcohol to the minor accused, the showroom owner who provided a car without a number plate, the father of the accused minor who was driving a car at the time of the accident, the police administration, and RTO officials. At that time, the police commissioner also warned the MLA of necessary action, who had pressured police officials in this case.

At that time, the police commissioner, Amitesh Kumar, said, “Though the accused got bail as he was a juvenile, we are filing a petition against it at the session court. Meanwhile, a case has been registered against pub owners and the father of the accused.” At that time, the police commissioner also said that no one would be saved in this case.

He further said that police officials are working with the state excise departments to take action against pub owners. Furthermore, due action will be taken against the car dealer who provided a car without a number plate to the accused. On the question of the interference of the local MLA in this case, Amitesh Kumar said that a proper investigation will be done in this case, and if anyone is found guilty in the investigation, he will be prosecuted according to law.

Police officers get the information that in the Kalyaninagar, Vimannagar, and Mills areas, there are numerous pubs that remained open till midnight in spite of being ordered to close them after 1.30 in the night. Further, residents said that many young people come there on Saturday and Sunday. The police commissioner ordered to take strict action against these pub owners.

Similarly, police are investigating a car dealer who provided a car to the accused without a number plate. According to the Motor Vehicle Act, it is a cognizable offence, and therefore, police are tracking down the involved dealer.

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