Pune: PMC Cracks Down on Unauthorised Rooftop Hotels; 53 Face Action

Pune: Two days ago, a fatal car accident took place in the Kalyaninagar area in which a minor accused rammed his expensive four-wheeler car into a two-wheeler while being inebriated, which led to the deaths of two individuals. After that, the issue of unauthorised pubs and hotels comes to the fore. In the wake of this, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) ordered an inspection of illegal construction in pubs, hotels, and restaurants in the city.

According to the information, among the city’s 89 unauthorised rooftop hotels, the PMC has sent notices to 76 hotels so far. Of these, action has been taken against 53 hotels.

Surprisingly, only six hotel owners have removed the unauthorised construction on their own, and only seven hotels have ceased the use of rooftop hotels. The nine hotels have been booked under Section 52 of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act.

The PMC has noticed that in different parts of the city, the hotel business is being carried out by setting up sheds on terraces of buildings as well as common spaces. This created a parking problem on the roads in the area. As these hotels remain open until late at night, residents are further facing the problem of unruly parking at these hotels.

Amidst frequent complaints from citizens about parking and noise pollution in the area, the PMC has finally started taking stringent action against these hotel owners.

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