Pune: Pinky Rajpal has been elected as the Pune Chearperson (President ) of FICCI Mahila Aghadi

Former president Rekha Magar welcomed Pinki Rajpal

Pune – FICCI is the apex organization of entrepreneurs across the country. Pinky Rajpal has been elected as the President of FICCI Pune for the year 2023 to 2024. Pinky Rajpal is a well-known entrepreneur in Pune city. Rekha Satish Magar, the former president of FICCI, has recently given her the title of president. FICCI is an organization working to bring together women entrepreneurs and provide them with various business guidance, conferences and cooperation on various topics in the industry. FICCI Mahila Aghadi conducts various social activities along with industrial business.

Recently FICCI Mahila Aghadi many in Pune district An ideal has been created for the society by adopting villages. Further, a special campaign will be conducted to make many new women entrepreneurs successful entrepreneurs. Also, the newly elected president Pinky Rajpal has said that they will help the women from the weaker sections of the society in various ways.

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